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About Healing, Counseling, Portland


Counseling Offers . . .


  2. A place to talk, without worry, about what others will think, how they will act, or what they might say to you because of what you are thinking, feeling, doing or saying - it’s a place to make your own decisions.

  3. A place to be yourself, to learn about who you are, how you are, and what you want to be, without the judgments of others.  Do you feel you can’t be yourself around others, that they don’t understand you, that they just don’t see it your way and allow you to be who you feel you are?

  4. A way make your life better, by exploring questions, learning new skills about how to manage your life, your self, and your world.  This allows you the chance to create goals and have someone to support you to reach them. 

  5. Relief from depression, anxiety, fear, memories of victimization, problem behaviors.

  6. “Before the future seemed overwhelming now I can make plans.” Client

  7. Counseling Helps . . .

  8. In times of transition,

  9.   In times of crisis,

  10.   In times of pain, confusion, depression, and loss.

  11. It is a safe place,                       

    To be heard,

    To be valued,

    To get clear on your needs . . .


  Where you can

    Find relief from fear, sadness, emotional pain,

    Make choices that work for you . . .

    Explore spiritual questions . . .

    Make your life better. 


Drew Caesar, MSW, M.Div, LCSW  

My Education

MSW, Portland State University, (2002)

M.Div., Harvard Divinity School, (1990)

BA,Trinity College, (1986)

  1. I have decades of successful counseling experience involving youth, adults, families and couples.

  2. I have unique experience with adolescents and adults struggling with sexual behavior issues (for example, sexual “addiction,” sexual victimization).

  3. I have experience in a variety of settings:  outpatient, inpatient, high school, and  community facilities.

  4. I continue to present internationally and nationally on pornography, neurology, and sexually compulsive behavior, including problem pornography use.

  5. I am certified in EMDR (a trauma specific therapy) internationally recognized as an effective and evidence-based treatment.

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503-459-7947 Dcaesar15@gmail.com